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On the 16th of January 1989, two partners decided to establish an engineering firm after many collaborations as a freelance designers for several companies. That was the birth of EVEREX.
The core business is mainly based on design. We seized growth opportunities by analysing the market which allowed us to extend our work to production in 1990. 
With the company’s growth, the board decided that times were ready to make the automatic distribution field independent. In 2012 the company created EVX Vending brand, for production and sales of vending machines in pharmacies and tobacco shops.
Everex strongly believes in technological innovation. In 2017 we received approval from the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) for our compliance with attachment A of law 232, dated December 11, 2016. Everex thus became one of the first Italian companies investing in Industry 4.0 as a growth tool both for the company and the country

COVID-19: During the pandemic it was necessary to have more oxygen masks than hospitals usually had.
Everex have created manifolds and valves, 3D printed, for the respiratory helmets used in Covid-19 patients in Sub-intensive Care. The order was completed in a very short time and with the total involvement of all Everex workers.


Saw the emergence of the diagnostics field thanks to relevant collaborations both on an international and on a national level, showing the brand’s ability to convey the company’s values through its top-quality work. 

Who we are

EVEREX was born on January 16, 1989. Lorenzo Balli gives shape to this engineering company which over time then transforms into an engineering and production company of advanced laboratory diagnostic systems and later also of vending machines. All this in order to be able to offer its partners a 360-degree service that starts from an idea on a blank sheet, transforms into an electromechanical system integrated with fluidics, precision pipetting and software, up to validation and launch on the world market of the finished product.
Innovation is a key element for EVEREX by means of constant investment in research, periodical update and staff education. To realize innovative diagnostic systems, we develop ideas in several fields: materials, productive technologies and production control. Innovation is also identified in the company’s attention towards sustainability and workplace safety.
Tailor-made solutions
What distinguishes Everex from its competitors is the ability to create tailor-made solutions for each kind of situation or demand. This assumes that the company can listen to the customer’s needs ensuring both the highest quality and the highest transparency. This allows each partner to enjoy an exclusive service. These are the qualities that make Everex a unique player on the market, with excellence as its winning strategy.
Human resources
EVEREX measures its success by placing man at the center of its system. Respecting human values is essential to make every single person feel enhanced and part of the same family. Each group has signature characteristics. People working at Everex are curious, never afraid to discover new horizons, with a strong attitude for engineering, offering their know-how for the benefit of the company. Full of creativity, imagination and enthusiasm for the future. All seasoned by strong teamwork skills, understanding their role and connection with the work of others.

Main activities

Our consulting services cover all the application fields to the final product. We analyze market demand proposing a completely automated architecture of the instrument, where needed human support – even if relevant – gets minimized, reducing the risks deriving from the analysis process. Feasibility study of the product, risk management and investment calculation make us a trustworthy consultant to reach the target.
Product development
Electronics, different levels of software, mechanics, precision liquid handling, technical documentation for certifications and support in international product registration. We apply this know-how, required for product development, and lead our partners to the correct choice to obtain the aimed result. We dispose of an automation system capable of managing reagents, samples and all the necessary to execute laboratory tests under complete safety and maximum accuracy.
In our factory we develop constantly evolving production techniques. We have created a laboratory that makes use of the most complete 3D prototyping techniques. Composition of sub-assemblies, final product calibration, colorimetric tests and soon, also chemical control and validation. These are the skills that we offer to our partners. Part of the production is outsourced to 0 km suppliers, who are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and professionalism. EVEREX production site is ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14000 certified.
We offer the required support for the correct management of the instrument on the market. We provide our partners with service and user educational classes, so that the installation of automated systems and the management of technical assistance is correctly implemented. In view of a management that allows the machine to daily deliver certain and precise results, correct use and maintenance are crucial to ensure a long lifecycle to the instrument. We offer logistic support to manage all the replacement parts and consumables required for the right functioning of the instrument.


We have been designing and producing clinical analysis instruments for over thirty years. Our partners entrust us with the realization of increasingly advanced products.

Thanks to the implementation of concepts based on modularity and flexibility, we can promptly realize products in alignment with the highest quality standards in the in vitro diagnostics market.

The realization of a distributed control system, together with the design of our own base components, allow us to move from the concept to the functional realization of new products, in a simple and fast way, minimizing both risks and time to market.

Product Lines


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