Research and development for state-of-the-art products

22 March 2021

Everex is a leader in design, development and construction of equipment for in vitro diagnostics tests.

Always excellent. In other words: Everex. There can be no more fitting name for the company led by Lorenzo Balli, a real Jewel among Tuscan companies, specialising in the design, development and construction of equipment for in-vitro diagnostic analysis.

Founded in 1989 as an engineering company for third parties, over the years it has honed its skylls in the field of technological innovation to create increasingly cutting-edge tools, mainly due to its continuous investment in research and development.

A production drive that has enabled the company to achieve staggering growth, with a turnover that has grown over time to more than 20 milion euro, and a workforce that is close to 70 and will grow to 80 in the coming months.

“We have been able to achieve these results thanks to constant investment in research, regular updating of technological tools and staff training – explains the president of Everex, Lorenzo Balli – To create our diagnostic systems we develop innovative idea in different areas: materials, production technologies, and production control procedures. Howevere, nothing of what has been achieved so far would have been possible without constant investment in the company’s human capital. The greatest succes for us is the ability to focus on people, making sure each person feels valued and part of the same team”.

Nowadays, Everex employs around 170 families, both internal and external, producing over 3,000 in vitro diagnostic instruments per year. In addition, the company owns its own brand EVX Vending, which designs and markets vending machines for pharmacies and tobacconists and has contributed to the total production with more than 1,000 dedicated systems. Is this a distinguishing feature ? The ability to create tailor-made solutions for any type of situation or need. A special feature that requires listening to the customer’s needs, great flexibility and a high level of quality. Looking to the future, there is a desire to open up to new markets in addition to those in which Everex is already present (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Israel), to increase the volume of business and to recruit new staff.