Saw the emergence of the diagnostics field thanks to relevant collaborations both on an international and on a national level, showing the brand’s ability to convey the company’s values through its top-quality work. 

Everex strongly believes in technological innovation. In 2017 we received approval from the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) for our compliance with attachment A of law 232, dated December 11, 2016. Everex thus became one of the first Italian companies investing in Industry 4.0 as a growth tool both for the company and the country
With the company’s growth, the board decided that times were ready to make the automatic distribution field independent. In 2012 the company created EVX Vending brand, for production and sales of vending machines in pharmacies and tobacco shops.
The core business is mainly based on design. We seized growth opportunities by analysing the market which allowed us to extend our work to production in 1990. 
On the 16th of January 1989, two partners decided to establish an engineering firm after many collaborations as a freelance designers for several companies. That was the birth of EVEREX.