To guarantee the success of our activities, we seek a continuous refinement of our quality management system and give priority to both our partners’ demand and to the constant improvement of processes

We promote regular technical education of the staff to guarantee our partners a competitive advantage of product on the market, both in terms of performance and in terms of appliance with the European and international regulatory requirements.

With our strategic partners we build long-term relationships to ensure consistency to the business and increase the quality of products and services.

We flexibly integrate our know-how with that of our partners, to reach the desired goals. n accordance with the international standards in the field, we provide support in key contexts of device design and development, such as risk management, safe usability and realization of firmware and software. We also make use of advanced applicatives to automate and simplify the project documentation drafting.

We monitor the market and analyse complaints by our partners, establishing the appropriate corrective actions. In this regard we make use of our supervision system to communicate with institutions and monitor the distribution chain of products to the final user.

Respecting the environment is a fundamental value. We constantly monitor our environmental performance and compare it with our competitors to minimize environmental impact and comply with all the laws and regulations in this area.
Finally, we control law enforcement on workplace safety, both internally and by our outsourced suppliers.