EVEREX innovation in diagnostics

31 August 2020

Everex Srl is a company founded in 1989 in Florence, with a 65-employee workforce within the industrial district of Osmannoro, Sesto Fiorentino. The company is ISO 9001-2015, ISO 13485-2016 certified and currently obtaining ISO 14000 certification, too.

Everex has a strong aptitude for engineering and invests a significant part of its revenue in development, research and technological innovation. This allowed the company to grow in the last 5 years, increasing its market presence and the number of collaborations with Italian and international players.

With Covid-19 pandemic, the management department made every effort to reach goals and maintain employment level. The company managed to overcome the global crisis by operating with flexibility on several fronts, exploiting its innovative technologies, creating new business opportunities and even increasing the number of employees; Everex went against the trend, demonstrating the valorization of expertise in diagnostic solutions.

In the last months, the company has been strongly committing to diagnostics, starting from a reconstruction of the SKYLAB 752 project, developed some years ago for serological screening tests, aimed at detecting IgG, IgM and IgA antibodies, generated by the human body with the presence of diseases like Covid-19.

With just one SKYLAB, thanks to the high throughput, it is possible to execute more than 600 detections per day. This is why several SKYLABs have been installed between April and May in Italian hospitals to execute Covid-19 serological tests.

Everex firmly believes in technological innovation and it was one of the first Italian enterprises relying on Industry 4.0 as a growth tool for both the company and the country. In 2017, it received approval from the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) for its compliance with attachment A of law 232, dated December 11, 2016. Still in 2017, it also approached the 3D additive printing world which allowed it to optimize experimental development of production and prototypes. By drastically reducing the number of instrument components you obtain an increase in precision and MTBF of the final product. The 3D printer allowed Everex to change its project philosophy providing the designer with the required instruments to move from the concept to the implementation without any technical limits, ensuring speed and performance. Results have been so relevant that, in July, Everex purchased two new HP5210 last generation 3D printers which will bring more efficiency and innovation to development projects. Other than this news, the company has also added the project of a Lean production line which will make the productive process more efficient, reducing the company’s waste and environmental impact. Everex presents itself as a partner for biotech companies, being able to develop IVD instruments in several fields, from immunological tests in ELISA and CLIA technologies, to clinical chemistry and molecular biology. All of this is being proposed in an innovative perspective, with traditional technologies being integrated and replaced by last generation ones, adding artificial intelligence, IoT, additive and lean manufacturing according to an Industry 4.0 vision which allows Everex to offer efficient and competitive equipment.

To contact the company: info@everex.org     www.everex.org