We are an Engineering company Professionalism and engineering passion represent the know-how on which our philosophy and work are based. This inflects towards a constant investment in innovation and in a strong valorization of Human Resources which bring to tailor-made solutions for all of our partners.


Innovation is a key element for EVEREX by means of constant investment in research, periodical update and staff education.

To realize innovative diagnostic systems, we develop ideas in several fields: materials, productive technologies and production control.

Innovation is also identified in the company’s attention towards sustainability and workplace safety.

Human resources

EVEREX measures its success by placing man at the centre of its system. Respecting human values is essential to make every single person feel enhanced and part of the same family.

Each group has signature characteristics. People working at Everex are curious, never afraid to discover new horizons, with a strong aptitude for engineering, offering their know-how for the benefit of the company. Full of creativity, imagination and enthusiasm for the future.

All seasoned by strong teamwork skills, understanding their role and connection with the work of others.

Tailor-made solutions

What distinguishes Everex from its competitors is the ability to create tailor-made solutions for each kind of situation or demand.

This assumes that the company can listen to the customer’s needs ensuring both the highest quality and the highest transparency. This allows each partner to enjoy an exclusive service.

This allows each partner to enjoy an exclusive service. These are the qualities that make Everex a unique player on the market, with excellence as its winning strategy.